We offer a complete package of laser services in and around the New York area. From etching and engraving to complete customizations, we work with materials in all shapes, sizes and colors to find the right option to make your project a reality.

Trotec Speedy300 Laser Cutter

Our laser cutter is a Trotec Speedy300. With 80 watts of power this CO2 laser can be used to cut or engrave a wide variety of materials like wood, plastics, glass, leather, fabrics, etc

LASER TYPE: 80 watt CO2 laser
WORK AREA: 29 x 17 inch
MAX HEIGHT: 7 inches

Laser Services

Finally, we are able to take your designs and desired material and prep them for laser cutting. Our lasers offer accuracy to the .1mm – which allows for an incredible amount of versatility. We are trained professionals with a large amount of laser cutting experience and know-how who are able to make any project a reality.

It is our goal to take your project from concept, find the best material, the most efficient layouts, and optimal laser settings to bring you a finished product created exactly to spec. Let us know how our laser services can help you by clicking the red button to the right and telling us a little more about your project.

Cutting refers to the creation of pre-designed pieces out of sheets of any material. The cutting time for a project can vary based on the area of the cuts or etches, the type and thickness of the material being cut and other variables. We try to minimize cutting time with smart design, placement and selection of materials.