Fabrimakr is a fabrication services company based out of New York City that uses Laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC routing to create various types of products, fixtures, and installations. We cater to businesses, start-ups, makers, and hobbyist. Fabrimakr is also a Black Owned Business.

Design Consultation

At Fabrimakr we work with the both 2D and 3D modeling software available to accommodate all styles of projects at any stage in the creative process. If you have a sketch of your design, we can help you clean it up and get it ready for the workshop. If you have a completed design file you can upload files for evaluation and start a project below. We are able to work with files in formats such as .ai, .eps, .dxf, .dwg, .c4d, .obj, .stl or .svg and will collaborate with you to get it just right. Or maybe you have an idea in your head and nothing else? Upload a reference image or a sketch and Fabrimakr can help take your concept through the design phase until you are satisfied with the results.



My name is Woody aka Grinch, founder of Fabrimakr. I’m a mechanical engineer, visual artist and musician living and working in New York City. I specialize in Laser cutting, 3D printing and routing in addition designing audio-reactive visual installations and performances. Installations and performances have included the use of 3D projection mapping and LED mapping.

Also I run my own independent electronic music label named Grinch Productions, which concentrates on deep, dark, cinematic, and suspenseful Techno, Broken beat, and Dubstep. Visually, I create an atmosphere that begins very abstract and spacey but evolves into a futuristic and hypnotizing scenery. Grinch Productions